Before even contemplating the concept of the company you see before yourself right now, we were in your position. A Jeep owner that had looked everywhere for a spare tire cover that would actually look good on the back of your prized off-road vehicle. We asked ourselves why there was nothing out there that looked stylish and high quality, while also protected our investments. So we decided to create our own. Our covers mix the highest quality waxed canvas with durable and beautiful leather. They are completely water repellent and dependable to ensure the best protection of the tire beneath, in even the harshest of conditions. The cinching mechanism is self locking and therefore theft proof. No detail has gone unnoticed. We put a great deal of pride into each and every one of our spare tire covers. We hope that you enjoy the look and feel of our products on the back of your vehicle as mach as we enjoy them on our own personal vehicles.



Reiken USA was created by Brock DeShong and Kyle Nix, two students with a desire to turn their creativity into an industry-altering business. Brock, a business mind and a Jeep owner; and Kyle, a graphic designer with a knack for leather, have made it their mission to have the name Reiken be synonymous with both excellence and uniqueness.